Center For Africa Missions

Our Programs

Church Planting: As most of our work is in deprived communities where there is very little
presence of the church we do our best plant community churches where new believers come
together in fellowship. This the church plants becomes the fulcrum of our operations in the
neighboring communities.
Tent Revival Meeting and Community Outreaches: Tent revival meeting are one way we keep
engaging the people of the areas we are reaching.

Leadership Development: As Jesus said in Mathew 9. The Harvest truly is plenty but the laborers are
few in Africa. Our Leadership development focuses on strengthening existing laborers through
Pastors conferences and leadership seminars and also providing paths for young people to enter into
the ministry.

Building Schools: We see education as a major tool of community transformation in our targeted
areas. Some of the villages we go to have no schools and the new schools we set up provides
education for the kids, serves as a place for discipleship and also a bridge between us as a missions
and the community. Our model for sustaining the village schools is to raise support for the teachers.

Drilling Water Wells: Access to portable water is still a major challenge to thousands of African
villages. With the support of friends and partners we are able to drill water wells to meet this great
in in our target villages. Fresh water serves as a great point of connection to provide the river of life
in Christ Jesus

Feeding Programs: Our feeding programs take food to those in need. During Christmas and Easter
we also do special outreaches where we feed the needy

Youth Programs: Our Youth programs uses sports outreaches to minister to the young people. We
provide soccer balls and jersey and also coaches and counselors through our Soccer Program for the
youth. We build basketball courts. We also have a Lords Gym in one the towns. We are always in
need of Christian workers passionate about using sports as a tool to reach the youth.